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There are just some companies and individuals who we love to refer to and buy from.  The below list is growing and it's the services, products and people our team loves and swears by.  If you want a personal introduction - just let us know.

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Are you a creator who wants to sell products, downloads, digital content, coaching and don't want to hire an entire team of developers & apps to do it?  Podia is a one-stop site/product/course creation with ZERO coding skills needed. We love how easy it is to build courses, handle memberships and more.

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Stop using your personal credit in your business and use your business credit.  This bootcamp is for anyone serious about being able in the next 18 months to get a 6 figure+ line of business credit.

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BambooHR is the premier HRIS & ATS solution for small to medium sized businesses.  If you want to see how easily you can manage job postings, track candidates, import them seamlessly into your data programs, keep everyone's information safe while increasing staff engagement and cutting costs contact us.

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Have been searching for a ritual that you can incorporate into your daily life that doesn't take up a ton of time but will help you in your routine to be the rockstar entrepreneur?  Would it be awesome if it was both nutritional, healthy & you could have fun at the same time?

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One of the most affordable and easy ways to encourage listeners to review, engage & share across many (not just one) platform.

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We're huge fans of the Podbean platform.  If you're new to podcasting they have a solid offering that is easy to use and provides decent analytics. Podcasting is the wild west and they are one of the more established on the block next to Libsyn.